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Our Mission:

To reach out to individuals in need by supporting programs that fall below the radar screen of traditional funding.  Hands On Tzedakah collaborates with people who dedicate themselves to helping others.  We are partners (1) in programs where our funding serves to make a profound difference in people's lives; and (2) with our donors by enabling them to see, touch, and feel the effect of their dollars at work.

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Who Are We?

The major focus of Hands On Tzedakah, a 501(c)(3) public charity, is primarily to support "safety-net" or essential, life-sustaining programs. These programs include projects that combat hunger, poverty, homelessness and illness. Additionally, we support human service type projects that have to do with quality-of-life programs such as providing health and mental wellness support to victims of terror, the economically disadvantaged, disabled, abused, elderly, ill etc.